1 Samuel 11

Chapter 11 was a picture of what the king was supposed to be. A man who would honor God at the end of the day and be open to the Spirit of the Lord from the beginning. This was the proving chapter, so far it's kind of one of those stories from chapter 1 to 11 that would make a great book or movie. You have the problem (Philistines), the relationships, then the plea for a king and when God chooses a man, he doesn't seem to have quite the right leadership style, and it seems like for a while that nothing was going to happen to make Saul king. But when a problem happens, he proves himself and everyone is happy and then they make him king.

This is where the movie ends. However, it was really only the beginning. I guess we all have success stories that we lean on don’t we? But you know, life goes on. We may have been a hero at one time, but what are we today? Have we stopped being the hero? Have we stopped being open to the Spirit of the Lord? Have we stopped honoring God at the end of the day? God is a good God, He really deserves all the honor we can muster up to give. What keeps us from being open to the Spirit of the Lord? Pride, putting anything before God and ultimately it is sin.