1 Samuel 17

David and Goliath This is a story that most my age had heard growing up in Sunday School. One of the favorites, with songs and metaphors and you know all that.

It has all the elements of a great story, the big bad boss guy named Goliath of whom everyone was afraid. The little boy hero that is yet 'undiscovered,' and one more element - faith in, boldness because and credit given to God. We know that the Spirit of the Lord was with David since he had been anointed, here we see the fruit of it.

You may have noticed that not everyone was around when David first responded to what Goliath said, he had persisted in telling people and in asking people about the situation. So much so that it got back to the king. It may have taken David some time to build up to the point of volunteering himself to fight Goliath, but when it came down to it he trusted his experience that God had given him in the past in trusting God for protection against lions and bears and having the courage to fight them.

Is there a Goliath experience awaiting us in our future? What part will we play? The solder that runs away? The king that does nothing? The young one full of the Spirit of God who recalled the experiences that God had given him and that was incited to react when the armies of the Living God were taunted.