1 Samuel 20

Bonds of Friendship

This is one of those great examples of friendship not only just in the Bible, but the entirety of history. Many people make this friendship out to be 'more' or something 'different'. We do not agree, but what we can infer from this is two things - really one is inferred and the other is expressed in verse 17. Jonathan loved David as he loved himself. The second one is that Jonathan knew God had ordained David to take over the kingdom in his own place. He says as much in this passage (vv13-16) what can we tell from that? Jonathan aligned himself with God's will even though it would mean a diminished role for himself. Another example of this is John the Baptist when he was asked about his ministry when Jesus ministry was increasing more so than his own. John 3:30

  1. Point #1, Friends that are closer than brothers love their friends as they love themselves. This concept is drawn upon by our Lord when He states the second great commandment in Mark 12:31, 'you shall love your neighbor as yourself'.
  2. Point #2, Aligning with God's plan is far greater, than promoting alignment with your great plan.

King Saul and Solomon, among others sought to kill those that God stood up to replace them, but Jonathan sought to support God's anointed rather than man's anointed. Kudos to Jonathan.